Is Surfing difficult & how long does it take to learn to surf properly?

Surfing is a very technical sport and it takes time to master the fundamentals of surfing and then continually progress. If you want surfing to be part of your lifestyle, we suggest you commit a year of surfing weekly to fast track your growth and go from beginner to an intermediate surfer.

Do I need to be fit to learn to surf?

Surfing requires moderate fitness levels for the first surf lesson. You will be surfing in the shallow waters / foamies / white water section of the ocean and beach. Don’t worry we won’t take you out to the deep blue on the first lesson.

Is Surf Life SA Coaches with me in the water or on the beach when I take my lesson(s)?

Surf Life SA Surf Coaches asses your progress throughout the surf lesson(s) and give you feedback between waves you catch.

I am afraid of big waves /rips /sharks / rocks / surfboard hitting me on the head, how do I overcome any of these fears?

The best way to overcome a fear is to face it. Surf Life SA Coaches have many tips and tricks to overcome the above fears and will be sharing them throughout your surf journey.

What should I bring along?

– Towel
– Bottle of Water
– Warm clothes (winter & autumn seasons) – Sunscreen
– Handsanitiser
– Wear your mask

** Please wear your mask up until we leave for the beach and place it back on after your lesson.

I have a past injury / currently on specific medication, will this affect my surf lesson?

If you have any medical conditions, taking medication or have previous injuries/operations we need to be aware of, Surf Life SA need to be informed ahead of time.

Will the surf be any good?

Surf sessions are scheduled based on the surf forecast that is evaluated by a Surf Life SA Coach. The Coach will present the various times that is best and safest to go and surf. Your safety comes first.

Can I only have one lesson or must I commit for multiple lessons?

If you are not planning on making surfing part of your lifestyle, you can book a once-off lesson to tick it off your bucket list, create memories with family or friends.

Do I need my own surf equipment to book a lesson?

No you don’t. Surf Life SA provide surfboards and wetsuits for the duration of your surf lessons you book. If you want to practice after your lesson, you can rent surf equipment at additional fees.

I had a bad experience in the ocean before, does Surf Life SA Coaches help me overcome my fear?

Surf Life SA Coaches work specifically in small groups or private coaching so we can attend to the needs of you as the surf student. We have worked with many students who had bad experiences in the past and seen them overcome those same fear within the 1st, 2nd or 3rd surf lesson.

Where do I meet my coach for my lesson?

Eden on the Bay, Big Bay. There is a big parking lot area with a grass patch. A Coach will share a location pin with you prior to your lesson.

What can I expect in my first surf lesson?

The surf lesson structure is a follow…
– Meet and Greet
– Warm Up
– Wetsuit and Surfboard use for lesson duration. – Beach Instruction

– Ocean Safety
– Surf fundamentals
– Surf time
– Change and get dressed

Depending on the duration of your lesson you choose, this structure will apply with time variations.

I want to book surf lessons for my child(ren), from which age do you coach surf lessons?

Children need to be able to swim in order to participate in surf lessons. The youngest age we start coaching from is 4 years old.