3 lessons x 2 hour Surf Session – (R1 450 per person)

3 lessons x 1 hour & 30 minutes Surf Session – (R1 250 per person)

3 lessons x 1 hour Surf Session – (R1 050 per person)

Includes: Warm wetsuit for the Atlantic Ocean & surfboard for the duration of the lesson.

Learning to surf includes various elements that one has to consider when starting out. A surf coach can help advance your surf growth by giving you quality instruction and through your regular attendance.

Taking long breaks between surf lessons are not recommended, since this affects your performance. You don’t want to feel like you are starting over again each time you come back for a lesson.

Through Surf Life SA’s Monthly Membership surf packages you will see growth each week as you commit time to improve your surf ability. We’ve seen the difference in students who commit to regular lessons vs having 3-4 week breaks between surf lessons.

Surfing is a full body workout and we all have natural limits when trying out a new sport or looking to develop a new skill.

We created two options, for those who don’t feel too fit, the 3 lessons of 1 hour each monthly membership will be great to kickstart your surf adventure.

The 3 surf lessons of one and a half hour each monthly membership is great for surfers who have built up some surf fitness, and can push themselves to surf a little longer.

Through attending regular surf lessons your surf stamina will increase as well, which will help you to catch more waves.


10 Pack COMBO

Over the past year our 10 Pack Surf Combo has become one of the favorite surf packages among many students because they can see their progress every week. The 10 Pack keeps you in the ocean on a regular basis, getting your technique to improve and your fitness levels up.

Here’s some of the Surf Fundamentals we will cover during your 10 Pack:

  • Understanding your surf equipment – surfboard.
  • Selecting the right fit wetsuit
  • Learning to identify a beach and surf break that suits your surf level 
  • Body positioning on surfboard
  • Pop-up technique that saves you energy and seconds on a wave. 
  • Paddle technique – Maximising your torso and arms when paddling
  • Safety Tips about Rips, Currents, Waves and other surfers
  • Reading the waves (Sets & the Lull)
  • Ways to save your energy in the water
  • Understanding the function of the core of your body and to utilise it during your surf sessions.
  • Reading when to catch the whitewater waves and unbroken waves
  • How to read a surf forecast

10 Pack Combo Options:

  • 10 Surf Lessons X 1 hour each
  • 10 Surf Lessons X 1 and a half hour each
  • 10 Surf Lessons X 2 hour each

You will be able to speed up your foundation learning process to avoid wasting unnecessary time and money on trying to figure this out all on your own. Our coaches have done the hard work already through learning from their mistakes or other surfers. 

Let us help kickstart your surfing journey so you can enjoy mother nature with less frustration by trying to do this alone.

*Please note that everyone’s process and fitness levels are different and your progress is up to you on how fast you will advance. Surf fitness is different from other sports since you are working with an element you cannot control, the ocean.

The S.U.R.F. Course – 6 Weeks

Learning to surf is one of the most adventurous journeys one can go on, enjoying nature to its fullest during the early sunset rising over the ocean. Catching a wave, gliding along the smooth water, feeling free, not thinking about anything else but you in the wave at the moment. 

Surfing also brings communities together, sharing the amazing waves you had in your surf session or maybe even a crazy nosedive you survived, eeck. Connecting with great humans around the globe. Yet along the way you will be learning more about yourself and the ocean. 

Oftentimes we try to  learn from friends or family to save on coaching because it seems expensive, but we miss out on surf and paddle technique, breath control throughout your surf sessions or ways to avoid getting injured. 

Our aim is that you avoid wasting time in the ocean, avoid any future injuries that will cause you to be out of the water for long periods of time, or prevent you from struggling weeks if not months to master a technique when you could have learnt it during a couple of surf coaching lessons. 

The S.U.R.F Course is a step-by-step Beginner Guide on How to Surf Before Hitting the Waves with the correct Surf Techniques to advance your style and to surf better over the years. 

The S.U.R.F Course + Live Q+A’s (Value R 7 999):  4 live training sessions and two Q&A sessions with Cornel Viljoen, ISA Qualified Instructor with 14 years of surf coaching experience, as she guides you through a 4-part framework on how to surf before hitting the waves.

Program Modules:
2. UNDERSTAND which Surf Equipment to Begin with.
3. READ the Waves and Identify the Best Wave for You.
4. FUN Times in the Ocean to Improve Your Fitness.

The S.U.R.F Course will take place over Zoom once a week for 6 weeks with practical instruction to build your surf fundamentals and community. If you miss a session, you’ll be able to review the recording. 

Home exercises that will assist you to build your paddle strength and breath control in between sets and to surf longer. 

Take your surfing to the next level and fast track your surf journey with The S.U.R.F Course.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins