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A21 South Africa

A21 is an anti-human trafficking organisation that …

  • REACH the vulnerable & disrupt the demand.
  • RESCUE victims through identification & seek justice against their captors.
  • RESTORE the survivors & equip them to live independently.

Globally there’s an estimate of 40.3 million men, women and children enslaved. 54% of South Africans are vulnerable to becoming potential victims due to seeking work, poverty, education, getting into debt, looking for a love relationship or friendship, seeking better opportunities for you and your family and more…

A21 South Africa runs various frontline professional trainings, host presentations at schools, universities, in communities, at conferences. They also have various campaigns like the annual A21 Walk For Freedom where a community can take action and bring awareness about human trafficking. The Can You See Me? campaign is various trafficking scenarios to equip the public how to identify potential victims and to report any human trafficking situations to the SA National Human Trafficking Hotline – 0800 222 777.

Get involved today…

Take action today as a parent, a teacher, a business owner, a friend, a brother or sister and equip your world about human trafficking and ways they can stay safe.